Pilot Study

In a pilot study for the Heidelberg area, we carry out a spatially and temporally high-resolution inventory of greenhouse gas emissions and make corresponding mapping available to local climate actors via a customized access in order to support their emission reduction measures. The aim is to identify further research needs and promising research approaches in both information gathering and processing. Through the pilot project, we seek to lay the foundation for further projects in the field of Climate Action Science and expand the spatially focused case study to different regions in Baden-Württemberg and California.

International Cooperation

We foster international cooperation in the field of Climate Action Science, especially between researchers in Baden-Württemberg and California. Therefore, we organize joint (online) workshops and measurement campaigns, compare greenhouse gas emission information in Baden-Württemberg and California and develop further project ideas. The international cooperation is intended to contribute to the interdisciplinary research of the scientific foundations of sound climate action at the subnational and local level. We will host a joint online workshop by the end of 2020 to accelerate the cooperation.

Findings of the current projects.